Tanduay Asian Rum-SILVER

In Golden State Warriors Collectible NBA Packaging


Good intensity of mandarin and grapefruit peel with toasted notes, coconut, and vanilla background.


"Best White Rum-- San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018" 

"As featured in Forbes May 15, 2018" 


Aged up to 5 years in used Bourbon barrels, this silky smooth Silver rum, from our own heritage Asian sugarcane, is only moderately filtered for flavor, giving it a light straw appearance. Perfect for sipping straight yet well balanced for mixing TANDUAY Asian Rum is a special blend of aged Rum harvested from used Bourbon barrel reserves produced from the finest sugarcane varieties grown in the rich volcanic soils of Bacolod, Philippines. For the more discerning consumers, TANDUAY Asian Rum will offer versatility. While both the GOLD and SILVER variants may be offered neat, each possesses a distinct character that is likewise perfect for mixing.